OpenTAS is a terminal administration system that integrates automation disparate logistic systems located at terminals and refineries into Oracle and JD Edwards ERP systems.

Additional Modular features of OpenTAS:
  • Automatic Stock Replenishment at Service Stations
  • Dispatching
  • Truck Loading Optimization
  • Route Planning Optimization
  • Reconciliation of all data back into your Oracle or JD Edwards ERP system

Key Benefits

  • OpenTAS optimizes and automates logistic and administrative processes within the oil & gas downstream industry, including terminal management, transportation, distribution and service station replenishment.
  • OpenTAS ensures rapid, transparent, secure and above all cost-beneficial processes. The IT landscape can be simplified, IT and maintenance costs can be reduced and Terminal Automation Systems can be seamlessly integrated into the SAP system landscape.
  • OpenTAS supports optimization & automation of logistics and administrative business processes in terms of terminal management and fuel replenishment.
  • OpenTAS provides clear visibility into distribution processes and ensures compliance to legislation, safety regulations and SOX requirements.

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